An strategic partnership for the highest quality manufacturing

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At Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers we pride ourselves on the quality of the books we publish, both in terms of content and the final physical article. We strive to make each of our titles an exquisite work of craftsmanship, and this requires an excellent working relationship with a high quality printer. In this regard, we are extremely fortunate to be able to say that we have formed a close partnership with one of the top printing houses in China: Artron.

Artron is a cutting edge printing group that provides services including printing, photography, visual design, prepress image and text processing, offset printing, digital printing, high-emulation reproduction, post-press processing, artistic binding, and logistics distribution to many prestigious artistic and business customers. Our partnership with the printing house is such that we are often able to have a production manager on site whilst our books are being printed, so that, in association with Artron’s printing experts, we can not only ensure that the final product is top quality, but also implement ambitious innovations which would otherwise be impossible.

The exemplary service which Artron provides places heavy emphasis on image processing and a highly trained, professional staff who are more than willing to work with us as we push back the boundaries in terms of what is possible in book publishing, often contributing ideas and developing new techniques to help us improve our books still further. Throughout the book building process, we are in constant contact with the Artron staff, at first exploring the design possibilities for each book, and then, once we have delivered the electronic files, to monitor every aspect of the printing process.

Founded in 1993, Artron has carried out work for such prestigious clients as the Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai Expo, local and national Chinese governmental organizations, and several Chinese universities as well as a number of major international publishers. The company boasts an array of state of the art equipment including Hasselblad Digital Cameras, High Definition Stereoscopic Scanners, Digital Image Input Systems and LAB scanners, and its work is coordinated by the Artron Visual Art Center, a hi-tech digital control center which integrates design, texture and printing procedures.

Artron’s commitment to printing excellence has made it the first Chinese printing house to be named a “Center of Research and Popularization of Chinese Printing Standardization Technology” by the Chinese government. The company has won over 140 awards from domestic and international organizations which include the “Benny” statue, the top award given by the Printing Industries of America (often regarded as the “Oscar” of print publishing), the gold medal for the “World’s Most Beautiful Book” for its History of Chinese Opera in 2004, and several Grand Awards at the Hong Kong Print Awards (five times in the last nine years). This recognition has led to Artron being hailed as one of the world’s leading artistic printers.

With this caliber of printing partner, we are able to offer our authors and clients a huge range of different printing options featuring innovative, groundbreaking ideas so that together we can create the best possible final printed product; one that properly expresses the design excellence of the content and that is also a memorable creative work in itself.